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It is exceptionally hard to connect with clients in the business world that is competitive. The client is presented to open air advertisements in the every day schedule. As per the studies, each individual experienced 60 to 70 open air ads of various brands and recollected 3 to 4 of them. 

The vast majority of the brands look for the responses to the inquiry How to separate your outside advertising methods from competitors? Let’s see how traffic signage helps you.

The sign ought to mirror the Idea 

Successful display sign board ought to mirror the possibility of the service or product or message which you need to pass on. The client doesn’t go for the style of the signage on the structures and transport stands, yet the little subtleties draw in the clients. The detail should incorporate the symbolic perspective of your service.

Colors in the traffic signage are consistently alluring to the clients and, static publicizing should have an appealing coloring plan. The blend of tones should be good and persuading for the buyer. 

Traffic Signage Manufacturer in UAE

Our expert team is keen on the correlation which is made on the premise size, cost, and dependability. The open air should look new within no time. The pale look of the sign brings the negative standing of the brand and produces a negative word also. 

Being the top sign board makers in Dubai, we make sure that the traffic signage is proper in every term that makes our customer satisfied. 


Yes, traffic signs can be purchased by anyone and it is not mandatory that government agencies must buy it. Any private individuals are allowed to purchase the traffic signs. It can be used as public or private property in order to guide the flow of traffic. It can also be purchased to implement the parking rules or simply to use in the children’s room. We do provide all types of traffic signages in different colors and shapes in the sign manual. Also we make customized reflective signs as well. 

It is a fact that no paint is used in making traffic signs. It is made by pressing hard reflective vinyl film onto an aluminum sheet that creates a long lasting bond. It is impossible to wipe the material without sign destruction. The three types of material used while making the traffic signs are Engineer Grade, High Intensity and Diamond Grade:

– Engineer Grade signs reflect during night times. It has a lifetime of 7 years. 

– High Intensity signs are used in locations where the small at night from the street lights gets interfered with the reflection from a sign. High intensity signs are more powerful than Engineer grade lights

– Diamond Grade reflective material is used on Interstate highways and in the roads where construction projects are going on – and in areas where high visibility is critical. 

Mostly we ship the sign right after the day of ordering and will be delivered as soon possible through standard courier methods. We also go in person and do the signages and hand over for your business necessities as well. Our services will be obtained for those in and around UAE and abroad too. 

Non customized signs can be returned if they are damaged and not used. It is important that we will check for the genuinity of your return. You can contact our office to know more about teh return policies as well. 

  • High Intensity or Diamond Grade sheeting will be required for all traffic signs.
  • Engineer grade signs are acceptable for parking signs.

You can decide on the requirement and contact us or else if you are unsure about the traffic signs, we will guide you to choose the right one. 


Durability of each signage depends on the climatic conditions in your location. Engineer grade signs usually have a minimum of seven years of durability. Whereas high intensity and diamond grade signs last for a minimum of 12 years. 

There are no restrictions in color for your customized signs. The new and advanced technology allows us to print whatever the requirement by our customers. We also do customized sizes and shapes in traffic signs. It is very important to use Fluorescent Yellow Green background as the warning color signs for the bicycle riders and the pedestrians. Also it is important to use the traffic signs with notable colors in the area where school is nearby.

No, both the signs must be installed on separate posts. It can be done the same if one sign supplements the other sign or it is the route to give information to motorists or it does not conflict with each other and is gathered like one way signs or parking signs or prohibition signs. 

No, it can’t be done as per your choice. But it must be followed according to guide signs. Street names must be mixed case lettering with 1st letter in upper case which is followed by lower case. This helps the passengers on the road to see the signs from a longer distance than in all cases in upper cases for destinations and places.