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Are you looking for a 3D signage board for your business? Then, you have come to the right spot. We, at Albadra, the expert sign board makers in Dubai and quite a popular signage brand we provide signage services, that makes our customers satisfied and confident. We use only quality materials like stainless steel and aluminium. Our expert team provides eye grabbing 2D and 3D signs that bring professional touch to your brand. We also offer various applications in and around UAE. The team provides best factory signs, office signs, vehicle branding, school signs and many more. We never compromise our quality in designing customized signs, logos, letters for both outdoor and indoor requirements as per client needs. Our services are useful for small, medium and large sized businesses as we provide acrylic signs, wood signs, vinyl signs, MS signs etc. Clients are always encouraged to make use of our user friendly services to avail letters designed and other specified signs as per minute specifications and requirements. 

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Come to us as we provide perfect branding for your business by using great signage services in Dubai. we also provide many other advertising methods like display sign board, digital printing etc. With an adept team analyzing, we are responsible for the quality check at every stage right from receiving your requirement till we hand over the completed task to you and the maintenance later on. We ensure 100% satisfactory results and a minimal rejection rate. Enjoy your branding through us!

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The apt sign for any type of business is decided based on the attractiveness that makes your business identity a perfect one. You can shop for signage from the list of signage provided by us. The signage you choose must be clear, easy to understand and read. We are one of the experts in signs and graphics and thus we help in guiding and specifying the best solution to your requirements.  We have the right equipment and expertise to provide you with the best quality signage boards to get you noticed among your competitors. 

LED sign board is Light Emitting Diodes which is the solid state semiconductor device to convert electrical energy to light energy. LED boards are very popular and flexible, less energy consuming and easy to use. It provides a professional touch to both the exterior and interior signage boards. You can choose from various colors and LED signs.

Yes. The most effective and inexpensive way of business promotion is advertising. This is because once signage is done, the business itself gets promoted 24 hours a day and 365 days a year even if you don’t step ahead for promotion. The first point of communication between a business and a customer is the brand signage and from this first impression, the customers must be attracted to the business as well. The signs also reflect your organizations quality and strength.

Yes, our employees will go to customer office to fit the signage and we have a regular fitting plans throughout the week. Based on the signage we have special requirements for us to fit the signs which also depends accordingly. 

  • LED sign boards helps to target the store location easily
  • Provides accurate information 
  • More effective
  • Impressive to customers
  • Low maintenance

The duration of signage you can use without any issues depends on many factors. The factors include location or placement of signage, quality of materials used in signage and maintenance done for the signage board after installing it. Usually a signboard lasts 10 years or more with regular maintenance. But nowadays many organizations likes to change the signage boards after 5 years of usage. 

  • Metal signs are very durable
  • Metal signs can be used both indoor and outdoor uses
  • Metal signs are versatile
  • Metal signs can be made ready within short span of time
  • Metal signs can be illuminated
  • Metal signs can be made in any size
  • Metal signs are affordable